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Water and Sewer Infrastructure & Tanker Manufacture

Neta Ofer Group 17 Baalei Hamelacha, Hadera. Israel

+972.52.6896611 | +972.52.4215060
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Our expertise,
your peace of mind!
Sewage and transport
solutions at your service

Neta Ofer is committed
to the environment
and complies with all
standards and

Quality & Standard Certifications
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Establishing new infrastructures
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Facility maintenance
Group 26

Water and sewer maintenance services

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Breaking sewer blockages
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Extraction of all types of oil

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Washing of sewer and drainage lines

Group 38

Sludge removal from tanks and reservoirs

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Dangerous materials extraction
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Neta Ofer Group builds and maintains
water and sewage infrastructure  
& manufacture tanks for a variety of uses

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Thank you for your interest in Neta Ofer group

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Skilled service,
Advanced equipment
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